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The idea of a game being played with bows and foam arrows does not originate from Slovenia. To be more precise, it originates from the USA.

Whilst watching numerous videos of games and events being organised in such a manner, our Archery Wars Slovenia (AWS) team decided to bring this archery experience to Slovenia as well.

The AWS team consists of individuals that live and breathe archery. As we were looking for a way to promote archery and interest younger generations in experiencing and learning this attractive but poorly presented sport in Slovenia, we came across the idea of a safe sport game where competitors can shoot at each other using foam arrows. Therefore, we replaced static targets with targets that not only move but also shoot back! And that is how we developed the whole concept of Archery Wars Slovenia.

Archery Wars Slovenia is way more than just playing around with bows and arrows. Along with years of experience in archery we also drew on our knowledge of entertainment, acting and playmaking, all of which adds up to participants enjoying the ultimate experience. At AWS we want our experience to be a unique tactical and intensive sports game where players get acquainted with the feeling of shooting with a bow and arrow. Focusing and bringing all aspects and details of the game, as well as ensuring each and every player has the best experience, is the force that drives us to constantly improve.


With each new group new ideas surface. We use them in order to offer each group an even better experience and to periodically introduce innovations that enrich the game for our users.

When introducing innovations, we follow the principle of ‘kaizen’ (change for better) and lean (constant introduction of innovations).


The results of our cooperation, thorough preparation and constant improvement of our existing system have led to a unique experience that can be enjoyed by all! Of course, the Archery Wars Slovenia team won’t stop there, quite the opposite. Based on a lot of feedback, we are developing even better games and events that will surely lead to many people just itching to try their hand at archery!

No bow? No way!

  • Name: Elven

  • Height: ~150cm

  • Strength: 18lbs ~ 8.2kg

  • For: Left-handed and right-handed

  • For safety and durability reasons we use PVC bows that are light and easy to use.


  • Name: Fatty

  • Lenght: 83cm

  • Weight: Heavier than ordinary arrows

  • Tip: Made from two layers of foam

    What is the best way to describe the feeling of being hit with a ‘fatty’ ? Even at point blank range the surprise of being hit is much bigger than the physical force of the arrow hitting you.

We all hide behind a mask

  • Name: Darth Vader

  • Size: Adjustable

  • Do they fog up: No

  • Durability: High

The purpose of the mask is to protect the face from direct hits, ricochets or unintentional blows to the face from arrows.


  • Name: Tomi M.

  • Size: S, M, L, XL

  • Colour: Black

  • Material: Elastic and foam

When using a bow and arrow it is important to always properly protect our forearm. Lack of protection can result in a bruised our arm, even getting hit with the bow string doesn’t hurt.


  • Ime: Antiauč
  • Velikost: Unisex
  • Barva: V večih barvah
  • Material: Guma

V uri in pol igre so pri neizkušenih igralcih na udaru predvsem blazinice na prstih. Profesionalni igralci uporabljajo ščitnike, ki pa so preveč okorni, zato imamo na lokih nameščene posebne gumice.


At Archery Wars Slovenia we offer a wide variety of games for different occasions. This allows not just one, but several different games to be played in one session. Find out more by clicking on the GAMES tab below:


  • Number of players: 6+

  • Duration: 2-5min

    Now it’s for real. This is a matter of life and death. Each player on the field is your enemy and you can’t trust anyone. Fight and eliminate all your opponents or you will be the one eliminated!


  • Number of players: 6+

  • Duration: 2-5min

    Two teams, just one goal. Destroy your opponent and eliminate each and every one. No surrendering! Your goal is to work with your team and fend off all attacks from your opponent and successfully return fire to eliminate them. You will need to comunicate and cooperate with your team and use tactics to prevail on the battlefield or they will sweep the floor with you!


  • Numbers of players: 6+

  • Duration: 3-6min

    Take no bets in this game as it’s totally unpredictable. Even if one team is dominant on the battlefield, the tides can quickly change with one player’s cunning play. The game ends when one team steals the opposing team’s flag and bring it back to their own camp.

    We also hold a’corridor’ version of this game.


  • Number of players: 6+

  • Duration: 5-12min

    This mode of game is designed to challenge different teams among themselves. This mode of game is currently unavailable.


  • Number of players: 6+

  • Duration: 3-6min

    We use this mode of game to warm up as it has two hidden purposes. Firstly, it gives players the chance to get used to handling a bow and aiming over longer distances, and secondly – and most importantly – it helps players to lose their fear of being struck by arrows (almost every player usually gets hit and they soon realise that it doesn’t hurt).


  • Number of players: 8+

  • Duration: 1-5min

    We also like to call this game ‘zombies’. Approximately one quarter of the group starts the game without a bow (‘zombies’), the rest of the players have a bow and one arrow (‘hunters’). If a ‘hunter’ hits zombie’ with an arrow the ‘zombie’ is eliminated, however, if ‘hunter’ is touched by a ‘zombie’ they themselves turn into one.

    Due to the speed that the ‘zombie virus’ can spread, the game can end very quickly. Therefore, this mode of game works better with bigger groups.


  • Number of players: 12, 15, 18, 21

  • Duration: unlimited

    This mode of game is intended for bigger groups (teambuilding, birthday parties) and it can go on for almost an unlimited amount of time, though part of each team always has a chance to rest, therefore it is also ideal for groups with lower physical fitness.


Why not spice up a birthday party with some archery games that not only the birthday girl or boy will enjoy, but also all those invited. And, of course, you can’t have a party without a cake and some snacks, so you can bring those too.

Organisation of birthday parties includes:

  • Entertainment with various archery games
  • Games, themes and entertainment can be customised to suit your requirements


The older we get the less ideas we have in terms of organising birthday parties. So, get in touch and let us organise a party that will bring you all together and create a unique experience. It will be a party so different that you won’t stop talking about it!

Organisation of birthday parties includes:

  • Entertainment with various archery games
  • Games, themes and entertainment can be customised to suit your requirements.


You and your colleagues can experience a day with us where work rules and positions don’t matter! Connect as a team and strengthen the bonds among colleagues in your company, which will help you to achieve further goals.

The organisation of teambuilding includes:

  • Games, themes and entertainment can be fully customised to suit your requirements.
  • In addition to a customised programme, our teambuilding programme also includes all standard activities and photography.

Contact us for more information.

Infinite possibilities

While we were looking for ideas for how to bring archery to a broader circle of people, we stumbled upon a hybrid of archery and ‘war’ tactics. Of course, we leapt at the chance and we are proud that we are the innovators of this in Slovenia!

We all live and breathe archery and the Archery Wars project gave us a chance to implement our other knowledge such as playmaking, entertainment and creating a great user experience often some engineering knowledge too, all with aim of giving you the best possible experience.

What is the result?

A hugely entertaining and dynamic game that keeps on improving thanks to your feedback. We also actively look for new modes of game to add to our range. You certainly won’t be bored (though you may get tired!)

Where to find us?

We are located in the sports hall of the Gimnazija Franceta Prešerna secondary school in Kranj. Upon prior arrangement, we can come to any sports hall in Slovenia*. Since our activities can also take place outdoors, we can search for a suitable location close to your home or we can bring the fun to your own back garden, meadow or playing field.

*Upon prior arrangement and agreement on the suitability of the terrain.