Stuck for ideas for how to spice up your event, picnic or birthday? What about a stag or hen party?

Looking for an idea for team building?



  1. ARCHERY (aiming at 3D models of animals and ordinary archery targets)
  2. ARCHERY WARS (inflatable obstacle polygon)
  3. PARKOUR DRAGA (forest track with 3D and 2D animal models)

Team building

Get to know your colleagues, business partners, acquaintances, friends in a slightly different, adrenaline-fuelled way! This is an excellent activity to strengthen the bonds between you and your colleagues. With us you can experience a day where rules and positions do not apply.

Connect as a team and strengthen the company’s ties even more with various archery games and face new business challenges head on. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to challenge their boss or a colleague who’s always late for work? (More: Archery Wars)

We can organise a real archery game and you can even beat the perfect business partner. Or you and your colleagues can enjoy the silence of nature and surpass yourself aiming at targets of animals. You can forget your daily problems and calm your spirit, as adrenaline does its thing, so the competitive spirit never runs out. (More: Parkour Draga)


We can organise parties for everyone – regardless of their age! We can put together a wonderful day for you full of surprises.

You can have fun at our locations in:

  • Bled
  • Begunje (Parkour Draga)
  • Or we can come to you with all the necessary equipment. *

We provide the archery equipment, the targets and all the necessary protective equipment for the space and terrain.

By agreement, we can organise a competition using different types of targets (3D targets of animal models, ordinary archery targets). For the ultimate experience, we can combine it all into Archery Wars. Believe us, no one will be bored!

The decision is yours. We are here for you!

* In order to ensure the necessary safety, the suitability of the location and terrain must be checked in advance.